800,000 hearts

Written following the SCOTUS decision to strike down the Trump administrations recission of DACA.

What happens when you give nearly a million undocumented youth work, travel, education? Dreams come to life and ambitions grow–hard things to control once they’re unleashed. We become organizers, teachers, entrepreneurs. We transform communities and seize opportunities. Do you know how frightening a thing 800,000 blazing hearts is?

And when you disrupt these same lives? What happens then? We come to our senses. We think, I was once happy with my job and my drivers license. But thank you for reminding me: I want it all.

Back in 2015 when Trump first campaigned to eliminate DACA many of us were caught off guard. We had retreated into ourselves. We focused on our degrees and our careers. The new privileges and luxuries lulled many of us into a self-absorbed false security. We fell asleep to the reality of the work ahead of us.

But today, in light of the SCOTUS decision, we remember our lives before DACA. More than that, we remember all the lives without DACA. We are 800,000 that are no longer satisfied with the i-765 and the i-821D. We want it ALL.

So congratulations to the Trump administration. You awoke 800,000 sleeping hearts and added fuel to the fire.


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