20 Years and Counting

Today, May 3rd, 2016, marks my family’s twentieth year here in the states. The big 2-0. Double decade. Five-sixths of my already-24?! years of life.

After working in Texas back in 1991, my dad decided to move our family to the USA. Five years later, it finally happened. And the rest is history.

To be honest, this day is confusing and full of all sorts of emotions that run across the entire spectrum. I’m pensive, excited, proud, lost. It’s all bouncing around in this big head of mine, and I can’t seem to focus on a single idea. I feel literarily impotent and I hate feeling lost for words, but I remember Williams Wordsworth once said that the origins of poetry (which was then the apex of literature) is in “emotions recollected in tranquility.” Maybe that’s why it’s hard to say something right now. Maybe because I’m still in the thick of it. Maybe what I need is to let this turbulence pass.

So considering I’m highly emotional and not at all literarily functional,  I thought I’d keep this simple and include photos of my family and update you all on everything that’s been going on.

1 — Here’s mommy, as sweet and happy as ever:
She’s still the inspiration to my strength, faith, hope, and endurance, as she is to so many others. As strange as it sounds, she’s my princess and my queen. In one respect, I baby her and on the other, I honor her.

Lately, she has been healthy and well. Thank you to everyone who has kept her in his/her prayers. God has answered it by sustaining her joy and health over the years.

2 — And here’s Jieunie (unnie) and me:IMG_0117
Once when I was younger my mom told me about bone marrow transplants.
If you were to need it, your sister would be the first and most likely donor.
What about moms and dads? or children?
There are some things only your sister can give you, some things only you can give your sister.

Fascinating. I’m not sure how scientifically sound that is, but I never saw my sister the same way after that conversation with my mom. We were almost literally cut from the same cloth, created in the same womb. Today she’s my best friend and the person closest to my heart.

3 — Look who it is! image2-3
A rare sighting of my dad with his eyes open in a photo. This is just shy of a miracle. This was taken at 630 AM right before a flight. (His face is not always that swollen.)

After 12 years of service, he was dismissed from his role at our church.
April 30th, my last day. That’s 12 years on the dot. I started in May of 2004. I don’t believe that to be a coincidence.
Sometimes I see myself standing in front of a cliff,  and I grow desperate. But I know God is not helpless and desperate like me. I trust him.

To everyone reading: please remember my dad and keep him (and our family) in your prayers during this time of transition. We’ll need it more and more in the coming months.

4 — Here’s another photo of me and my sister:image1-3
Just kidding! But the resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it? That’s Nathaniel and Micah Sin, age 5 and 3, respectively, offspring of my sister, the newest additions to our family. They are… the most valuable people I have ever set eyes on. I’m compelled to prayer and driven to successs when I think about them. I’m moved to joy akin to madness when I’m with them.

I would post a picture of my brother in law, too, but I don’t think he would want that. So here’s a picture of…
5 — all seven of us:
No one really likes this photo because everyone was a lot chubbier when we took it. (Except me.) Micah has a funky eye and Nathan has no eyes, but all in all, I love it.

I love love love it.

“but I know God is not helpless and desperate like me. I trust him.”

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